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Smop floor cleaner

The New Age Spray Mop.

  • Quick and easy floor cleaning.
  • Dinamic instant spray level for swift activation.
  • Better cleaning, removes more dirt, dust, grime and bacteria in every swipe.
  • Adjustable Mop handle to clean corners and hard-to-reach places conveniently.
  • No residual stains or dirt as micro-fibres run smoothly across surfaces.
  • Effortless cleaning without bending.
  • No wet spills as minimal water sprayed dries up almost instantly.
  • Hygienic: eliminates the need to handle or touch dirty brooms, dusters and dirty water.
  • Ecofriendly: reduces water and detergent usage.
  • Reusable Scrub pads that can be cleaned in the washing machine with ease.
  • Coral pad for finer cleaning of dry from surfaces like tables tops, window panes etc.
  • Micro-fiber pad for tougher cleaning of hard surfaces and wet dirt.


It cleans well and it's washable.

Also there are no batteries or expensive special cleaning fluid to buy.

I am absolutely in love with this thing!

I originally bought this because my swiffer had broken and i decided it might be nice to get this one so that i can make my own cleaning solution. I love the way it sprays the floor evenly in front of you. It's so handy not having to drag a mop bucket around.

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